Jeuness Track Club not only nurtures the physical aspect of these young girls' lives, but also aims to provide special experiences by giving them the opportunity to travel internationally each year.  All athletes in good academic standing, age 13 and older, are given the opportunity to attend a 7-day International Trip. Some of the countries visited, include Germany, France and China.

How Can I Help?

Although this opportunity is made possible each year, not all athletes are able to financially cover the cost, therefore some may miss out on this amazing experience. As of 2017, Jeuness Track Club is generously provided with two (2), $500 scholarships by Jasen Bell. Athletes are required to submit an essay describing what they are most looking forward to in their travel. The winners are anonymously chosen by Jasen Bell. Previous winners include Jourdan Garnett and Kaylee Hammond. 

Although, we would like it to be, the availability of scholarships are not guaranteed, but with your help, we will be able to leverage the travel fees for all our girls. If you would like to help us in our continued efforts in forming well-rounded young girls, please donate towards our upcoming 2018 International Trip to China. 


2018 International Trip - Shanghai, China

2017 International Trip - Paris, France

2016 International Trip - Berlin, Germany