Jean e. bell (head coach)

I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, (Bedford-Stuyvesant), the fourth of six children. I attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn and City College of New York (CUNY), in Harlem. I began running track in junior high school, and also competed in high school and college. During that time I also joined the Atoms Track Club of Brooklyn, and began running more competitive meets both locally and nationally. At the same time, I also coached a track team for girls through a neighborhood Catholic Church where I previously attended school and began my running career, under the auspices of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO).

I subsequently attended Brooklyn Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree in 1983. After passing the New York State bar exam that same year, I began working as a practicing attorney. I continued coaching the CYO team for approximately 10 years until I began my own club in 1985. I founded Jeuness Track Club in 1985, using my own money to register the team, enter the team in meets, and buy uniforms and sweats. I modeled the team after my own track club. As the team grew, I was able to take on additional help and team members. Since 1993, I have worked as an Administrative Law Judge with the New York State Department of Labor. I continue to serve as the head coach of Jeuness Track Club of Brooklyn, New York.


karel lancaster-williams (coach)


sheryl gregory (coach)

Sheryl Gregory had been an assistant coach with Jeuness Track Club for over fifteen years. She began her coaching career with the 8 and under age group. Her specialty has always been sprinting, but Sheryl has now added the Hurdles, Long Jump and High Jump to her growing Track and Field background. Currently, she acts as the teams’ liaison between the parents and coaches, as well as ensuring that training locations are solidified all year round.

As a former athlete of Jeuness Track Club, her main event was the 400m. Jeuness Track Club inspired and motivated her to succeed physically and educationally.  Sheryl received her Bachelor of Science in General Studies from St. Francis College and Masters of Arts in Executive Leadership from Liberty University. Sheryl is credentialed with a Level 1 Coaching Certificate. She has officiated at various well known Track and Field competitions, such as the AAU Indoor Nationals Championship and the AAU Junior Olympics.  

Favorite Quote: “I do my best because I’m counting on you counting on me” - Maya Angelou


dawn best (coach)

Dawn Best has been a coach with Jeuness Track Club for three years. Her specialty is Sprints and Jumps. As a former athlete her main event was the 600m and 800m. During her time as an athlete, she qualified for the USATF Youth Games, Hershey Games and AAU Junior Olympics.

Dawn received her Bachelor's in Education from Central State University and Masters in Education from College of New Rochelle.  She is an Open/Masters Chair for AAU, credentialed with a Level 2 Coaching Certificate and a Masters Level Official in horizontal jumps. She has also coached on the Youth, High School and Collegiate level. Dawn has officiated at various well known Track and Field competitions, such as the AAU Indoor Nationals Championship and the AAU Junior Olympics.  Last but not least Dawn is a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

Favorite Quote: “Everybody Runs the 400” – Dawn Best


tierra chavis (coach)


nichelle robinson (coach)

Nichelle Robinson has been coaching for 7 years, solely with Jeuness Track Club. She started running in the sixth grade with Holy Rosary Track Team which was a part of CYO and amazingly, Jean E. Bell was her coach. She ran as a sprinter until tenth grade. Thereafter, her focus was on her education but her interest in Track and Field was everlasting, in addition to a desire to give back. As a coach and educator, her mission is to ensure academic success and educational excellence for her athletes.

Nichelle received her Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Stony Brook University and Masters in Elementary in Education. She also has a Double-Goal Coach certification in Coaching for Winning & Life Lesson through the Positive Coaching Alliance

Favorite Quote:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” - Philippians 4:13


tiwanna terry (coach)

Tiwanna Terry has been coaching age group and high school track for more than 10 years. She has been coaching with Jeuness Track Club for 8 years. Tiwanna also started running at the age of 10 with Concord Track Club and continued on to college and beyond. Tiwanna is still to this day actively competing in meets such as the Colgate Women’s Games, advancing to Semi-finals and/or Finals each year. She specializes in events such as the hurdles and the shot put. She is a certified official for USATF, AAU, NCAA, and PSAL.

Favorite quote: "Run hard or go home, pain is only temporary"


karel williams (team manager)

Karel Williams (aka Missy) was born and raised in Brooklyn New York (Bedford-Stuyvesant). She attended Christ the King High School in Middle Village, Queens, New York. She is an avid sports fan, and takes great delight in baseball, basketball, football, and of course, track and field. She was a former member of Jeuness Track club, as her two aunts serve as the Head Coach and Assistant Coach of the team. She became more intimately involved with the team when she was recruited to be the official Jeuness Track Club team manager in 2011. In her capacity as team manager, she handles a variety of duties, including but not limited to: registration of the team and team members in the two umbrella organizations under which the team participates (USATF and AAU), entering team members in meets, ordering supplies, uniforms, and other team essentials, as well as handling all financial matters. Karel also travels with the team to regional and national meets, as well as international travel, and is instrumental in the scheduling and planning for these meets, as well as hotel and traveling preparations. She is an Operations Senior Analyst with Verizon.

Favorite quote: “Clear eyes, Full heart, Can’t lose”